Public by Design

Our flagship program, Public by Design, aims to create customized visual fold-outs for groups who need help navigating social services and understanding public policies.

If you are a non-profit or government agency with a specific policy or social service that citizens can benefit from through a visual explanation, please contact us

We would love to hear from you.


Shepherds of Good Hope's Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP) 

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We piloted our first project along with our partner Now Creative Group with the goal to create a visual fold-out  for Shepherds of Good Hope innovative Rapid Housing and Employment Program. The program targets homeless individuals who wish to return to sustainable housing and employment.

Listen to our interview on the Ed Hand show on 1310 news.

Resources Toolkit for Asylum Seekers


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Ottawa recently experienced a higher number of asylum seekers. Within this context, there is a need for more accurate referrals, faster connection to services and easier way to present information to new comers. We partnered up with Refugee Network of Ottawa (ReNoO) to create a toolkit that  would simplify existing information services to refugee claimants in Ottawa.

Listen to the CBC Ottawa Morning Show to learn more about the toolkit. 


Download a copy of the interactive Toolkit in English or Français